We make music to help you tell stories with your images.

Alfred Hitchcock famously said, "Thirty-three percent of the effect of Psycho was due to the music." Bernard Herrmann, the composer of that score, thought it was more than forty percent. That attitude eventually got him fired, ending one of the most successful director-composer collaborations in film history.

We believe music is responsible for exactly fifty-one percent of the emotional impact of the moving images it's attached to. So you can fire us now, or work with us to make your forty-nine percent as powerful and emotional as it can possibly be.

We write and record music for film, television, radio, internet and live performance.

We've done feature films, short films, animated films, episodic TV, TV commercials, web video, audio logos, dance performances and puppet shows. We can write and produce original music for your media production and deliver broadcast-quality masters as work-for-hire or for license.

We're comfortable with remote collaboration and are set up to do quick turnarounds and short review-and-comment cycles over the internet, privately and securely. We'll happily supply references upon request.

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